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Tinkered Crafter's ToolsEdit

Crafting Class 1% success chance (Level 20) 2% success chance (Level 33) 5% success chance (Level 54)
Alchemist Reinforced Gnomeproof Beaker Gnomish Gas Mask Neverending Bag of "The Good Stuff"
Armorer Automated Rounding Hammer Gnomish Toughened Ring Press Qeynos' Classified Information of Bulkward
Carpenter Feng-shui Environmental Reader Gnomish Level Woodelf Eye for the Troll Guy
Jeweler Gnomish Ring Press Gnomerific Magnifiying Device Enigma of Tunare
Provisioner Izzitedibilforpepl Probe Gnomish Thermometer Screewoggins' Bag of Spices
Sage Gnomish Self-Inking Quill Gnomish Quick Erasealler Eye of Agamatoo
Tailor Mechanical Threaded Needle Gnomeproof Thumb Cap Guide: Roots. The Fabric of Life.
Weaponsmith Automated Finishing Hammer Automated Honing Stone Freeport Classified Information of Armament
Woodworker Automated Finishing Saw Automated Gnomish Plane Measure Twicer

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