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Spell and Combat Art SkillsEdit

Spells and Combat Arts are where you get most of your effectiveness from. They consume power when cast. Melee classes receive Combat Arts, while spell-casting classes receive Spells. (A few "hybrid" classes receive both.)

Your spells, combat arts, and crafting skills are found in your Knowledge book. Open it by pressing K. You can browse your spells in here, and sort them in various ways to make finding them easier. When you point at an icon, a tooltip will pop-up with a brief description of the spell. For more details about the spell, right-click on the icon and choose "Examine".

Spell Tier

EQ2 allows you to improve most of your spells. You do this by finding spell scrolls and scribing them in your Knowledge book. Just as you might find better equipment on your adventures, sometimes you'll find scrolls that teach you a better version of your spells.

  • You receive basic versions of your spells automatically when you gain levels.
  • Each spell has five better versions, which you can find in the world of Norrath.

The most practical way to improve your character's performance in combat is to upgrade your spells.

You can find better versions of spells as loot in monsters' treasure chests, or you can buy spell upgrades from other players through the broker system. An Adept spell is a common upgrade, while a Master spell is a rare and precious upgrade.

The table above shows you where to find improved spell scrolls.

Spell Special Note 1

Spells vs Combat ArtsEdit

What's the difference between a Spell and a Combat Art? Not much:

  • Spells must be cast while standing still. Your spellcasting may be interrupted when your enemy attacks you; your Focus skill affects your chance of being interrupted when under duress.
  • Combat arts have shorter cast times than spells, and can be cast while on the move. They can only be interrupted by a stun.
  • Most bard spells are considered to be "Songs", and can be cast while on the move just like Combat Arts.

Otherwise, we can talk about Spells and Combat Arts interchangeably. For the rest of this section, we'll just call them "Spells".

Spell Effects

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