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How do I navigate around this site?

The doorway to the Retributions Blade Website begins at the Entry Portal page which displays a brief description of the guild and a single "Enter" button. When users click on the "Enter" button, they are taken to the Guild's main homepage.

The majority of the Guild's website pages (both public and member only sections) use the wikia style platform which are located on "blue pages". Forum pages are placed on "yellow pages" and use a "SMF or Simple Machines Forum" platform. The page colors make it easier for users to tell where they are on the website and helps administrators during troubleshooting sessions. The wikia platform provides users the ability to make real-time changes to specific articles and pages. At the top of every site page (excluding the entry portal page) are two forms of navigation aides. There's a Retributions Blade Sword Image that, (when clicked) will return you to the guild's main homepage and a navigation menu bar that will direct you to different areas of the website.

On the Public portion of the website, main sections such as "Guests", "Members", "Officers" etc. are listed in the dark blue top line navigation menu. Sub sections such as "FAQs", "Links" and "Guides" etc. appear in a drop down-flash style menu when your mouse cursor hovers over a main section link and a third level (tab style) provides specific page links within each section. For the Forums, the navigation menu is located on the top on a black bar. This navigation bar follows the same style and function as the previously mentioned blue nav bar with sections and drop down sub menus.

To access a Main Section of the site, simply click on the Main Section Text Link to be taken to that section.

To access a Sub Section of the website, use the drop down menu by placing your mouse cursor over the Main Section Text Link, wait for the second level links to appear then slide your cursor in a downward and across movement to the desired sub section, then click the link. This will cause the third level tab to drop the third level menu with page links allowing you access to subject related pages. Click on the desired third level Text Link and you will be taken to the appropriate page.

You may also utilize the Website's "Site Map" which contains links to each area in the form of a tree style navigation menu. To access pages via the site map click on the desired page link.

Again, to return to the homepage you can click the "Retributions Blade" Text Link or Sword Image located on any guild webpage (including forum pages) and you will be routed directly to the guild's main page.

Certain areas of the site are "Rank Restrictive" therefore to access these specific areas, you will need to possess the correct Guild Rank, and will be required to enter an additional log-in and password to proceed.

If you are having difficulty logging in, or accessing an area of the website, please contact an Administrator via EMAIL or Leaving a Message on the ADMIN TEAM TALK PAGE. You may also log into the Everquest game online and contact Councellor in-game. A team of qualified volunteers will attempt to resolve your issue(s) as quickly as possible.

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