This website has it's own policies regarding subpages and how they may or may not be used.

  1. Users are allowed to practice making edits on the sandbox page.
  2. Users are allowed to make subpages in their userspace, to create a personal sandbox.
  3. Users should create a new page using the following syntax to create their own sandbox:


(where Yourname should be changed to the name of the user)

Can I get a list all subpages of a parent page?

You can find the subpages of a specific page by entering the title followed by a forward slash at Special:AllPages.

You can also use Special:PrefixIndex to do this. You can even make links like Special:PrefixIndex/Help:Customizing Monaco.

(Note: This also shows the parent page in the list; if you don't want this, and want only subpages, add a / at the end of the link, like Special:PrefixIndex/Help:Customizing Monaco/)

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