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What's here for Members?Edit

Ever wondered why bother with visiting the guild website? Especially if you feel you already know all about the game? Here's some of the reasons we came up with on the fly for visiting often:

  1. Check out the "Main Page" of the website for:
  2. Members should use the drop down Navigation links to:
    • access many pages filled with useful information and tips
    • periodically review the Guild Policy page for updates
    • check out the Guild Benefits page to find out all the member benefits
  3. Members should browse through the "Guild Forums" to:

and much, much more! Please remember, even if you already know absolutely EVERYTHING that's posted on this site, you could really be a great source of information to those who don't know as much as you. So come help share your knowledge, help others, and help your guild become stronger and better by visiting the website often!

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