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Quests form the storyline or "lore" behind the game called "Everquest". With a name such as "ever" quest, one would think that there were unending quests and to some degree you'd be correct. In-game quests are rich with stories, background information and tidbits that are designed to grab attention and bring out the Sherlock Holmes as you strive to progress through a questline start to finish. Our Guild has chosen to focus on completing as many quest(lines) as possible in an effort to uncover as much game content as possible.

There are several types of quests:

City Tasks

We list some of the more important or intriguing quests here and also provide links to several quest databases in an effort to provide you with as much information as possible without re-inventing the wheel.

EQ2I Quest Database

ZAM Quest Database

Tradeskill Epic (EQ2 Quest Series)

   -20,000 or better faction with Bathezid's Watch
   Have finished New Lands, New Profits
   Be at least a level 80 crafter

The Proof of the Pudding
The Return of the Light
These Boots Are Made for Walking
Nurwin Family Secrets A collection which rewards a special recipe for Carpenters
The Stories of Everfrost A special recipe for Carpenters
Train to Zone rewards a lively scarecrow plushie

Min Level 70 Artisan to obtain quest

Obtain from Taskmaster Greeblentus in Teren's Grasp who gives you "New Lands, New Profits" quest

SPLIT QUEST - 1. High Risks, Higher Profits - Part 1 2. Sarnak Supply Stocking

  1. 1 then leads to "Not Your Ordinary Messenger - Part 1"

then to "A Master's Back to Basics" then to "Not Your Ordinary Messenger - Part 2" then to "High Risks, Higher Profits - Part 2" -> THE END (note: This quest series gives you just enough faction with LEGION OF DANAK to obtain crafting writs in Danak Shipyards or obtain adventure quest. By this point if you've not done any other Bathezid's Watch faction you should have -39,000 or so faction. You'll need to change this to -20,000 minimum in order to obtain the next series of quests from Danelak Hosfoak the supply provisioner.

High Risks, Higher Profits - Part 1

After you complete High Risks, Higher Profits - Part Two Head to The Fens of Nathsar via the Norrath Globe. Take the Sokokar flight creature (which is located on the top of the cliff overhang straight ahead of you NORTH) to Bathezid's Watch Post.

When you land at Bathezid's Watch Post, go into the fortress building directly to the north. Go straight back as far as you can go and turn right to enter the last room on the right. Seek out Danelak Hosfoak <Supplies provisioner>

Sarnaks in Bersthyl's Watch last room turn to the right (g The Fens of Nathsar - Kylong Plains

go up dock, head of the dock - the guy at the end of the dock will give quest Fangs Away

- Sarnaks - do writs, need all mats & fuels do those in the crafting area until faction is above 2k

another questgiver will pop Sarnak's supply stocking Bixie Distraction

Coldain Prayer Shawl

Taskmaster Greeblentus


Bixbie Distractions

The Proof of the Pudding

Beastlord QuestsEdit

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