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Paintings that provide portals to various locations in Norrath are located in Councellor's "Felwithe Mansion" and may be accessed using the Prestige House Portal in the "Magic Carpet" area of the Guild Hall.Edit

Destiny of Velious (DoV) PaintingsEdit

These Destiny of Velious Paintings act as portals to various locations. They may be placed within your home or guild hall and may be used by any player who has purchased the Destiny of Velious (DoV) or DoV Collector's edition expansion pack.

Painting Name Location
The Eternal Battle Great Divide "Ringwar Battlefield"
Victory of the Dain Great Divide "Thurgadin City of the Coldain" (Frostreaver Monolith)
Otter's Rest Great Divide "Fina's Retreat"
Withering Forest Eastern Wastes "Wakening Lands"
The Ganak Battlements Jarsath Wastes
Tinkered Delight  Steamfont Mountains "Gnomeland Security HQ"
Toasting the Leatherfoot Brigade Rivervale "The Fools Gold"

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