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Since ranks have responsibilities that might not suit you, Members should ask when they want to be promoted. You should make sure the character you are playing meets requirement for the next highest rank first. For a complete list of requirements, responsibilities and benefits for each rank, please click on the links shown in the contents box on the right or to see a basic list of requirements check out the "Quick Reference Chart".

We do make every effort to proactively notify you of promotion opportunities, however your help in this area will go a long way to making sure you are awarded the rank you've worked for.

Basically the higher the rank, the more often you'll need to be playing in game and the more tasks you'll be asked to participate in.

Members may NOT automatically be promoted to ANY rank. Please remember that promotions are a privilege not a right. Thanks!

You can also check the Guild Welcome Center area of the Guild Hall for books that outline the requirements for promotion to each rank. We place those books in game for your quick reference convenience.

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