Here are some additional details regarding the closure and what you can expect:

1.  What will happen to my character if it's logged into the Guild Hall after midnight on June 30th?

  • Your character will be moved out of the guild hall into Antonica (most likely to the docks area) If you find yourself unable to access your character, please try recalling to your home or try re-logging into the game.
  • If these options fail, you can file a petition for GM support and they can assist you in physically moving your character to an accessible location.

2.  What happens to all the items inside the Guild Hall?

  • Items in the Guild Hall will be returned to their respective owners.
  • If you have any items placed within the guild hall, please check your in-game mail for them.
  • Consumables will be consumed once the guild is disbanded and not returned.
  • Items donated through the use of storage depot boxes may be sold to generate funds to redeem Guild Cash Points.

3.  What happens to my Guild Cash Points?

  • Guild Cash Points will be redeemed at the rate specified in the Guild Cash Guild.
  • Members who wish to redeem their points should send an in-game mail prior to June 30th OR arrange to meet with one of the Guild Admins to collect your in-game gold.

4.  What's the real scoop behind why the guild is disbanding?

  • We've tried to be fully open and honest about what we do or contemplate doing within the guild.  While our decision was led in large part by our Christian faith and deciding to walk closer to God, we had to also face the reality of Councellor's failing health. Added to that was the stress of trying to maintain a guild activity level that would retain new members.  While the game has provided us with some negative issues, we've also been blessed to have met some wonderful individuals.  So we are deciding to concentrate on the positive and wish everyone the best as we turn to focusing on our future in the real world.

5.  Why weren't the members mailed about this decision?

  • Councellor and Deaura both unexpectedly lost their "All-Access" pass and now based on game mechanics are not able to send out any in-game mails.

6.  What if I have questions that aren't answered here?

  • If you have a question that hasn't been answered yet, please leave it as a comment at the bottom of this page or send a private message to Councellor.  Someone will review your question and respond, either here for the benefit of all, or privately if the need dictates. 
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