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Status (often referred to as Status Points) are earned by:


They can be spent for:

  • Purchase and Rent on some high-level housing and guild halls.
  • Purchase of special items available only to guild members through City Merchants. (note 2)
  • Purchase of crafting stations for your house through City Merchants. (note 2)
  • Purchase of special items from various factions, such as the Qeynos Guard.

Additional DetailsEdit

Earning Status Points will also award Guild Status Points, which in turn results in Guild Experience to your guild and helps your guild to level up.

10% of the Status Points you earn will also be awarded as Guild Status Points. If you leave your guild and join another your Guild Status Points reset to zero. Even if you return to your original guild, your Guild Status Points starts again at zero. Your guild does not, however, lose the Guild Experience you earned for them while you were there.

(Note 1): Must be of equal or greater Guild Level to award status points
(Note 2): These require Guild permission to purchase and may also require a minimum guild level.

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