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The Guild Leadership Counsel consists of the following positions:

Guild Leadership Counsel
Position Name
Guild Leader Councellor
Assistant Guild Leader Deaura
Assistant Guild Leader Lalaina
First Officer Pendr
Second Officer Whingerwoe
Third Officer Vacant
First Advisor Vacant
Second Advisor Vacant

The Guild Leadership Counsel consists of eight positions and applies a ladder ranking system in which the next highest position outranks all lower positions. This system is used during times where no clear decision has been reached, or when a final decision cannot be reached, or whenever a vote has been demanded.

In most situations, a decision is made by one of the Counsel members and unless a dispute is encountered, that decision will be upheld by all members of the counsel.

When a dispute is encountered, a democratic voting system may be invoked. This vote may be demanded by any member of the Guild or Counsel at any time and will be held in a private chat channel with only Counsel members in attendance.

When a vote is requested, each member of the Counsel will cast one vote with any Guild Leader(s) vote counting as two. The Guild Leader(s) may reserve their votes, casting only during tie decisions if he or she so elects. Votes will be cast in order of lowest rank casting first and the highest rank casting last.

In cases of a tie, the Guild Leader(s) vote will be considered the tie-breaker.

The Guild Leader(s) will maintain the right to invoke a "catastrophic issue" veto (CIV) in situations that may threaten the Guild's existence. In the case of a CIV, the Guild Leader(s) will provide two minutes of uninterrupted discussion time to each counsel member then provide a detailed oral or written explanation of his or her decision. This decision will be considered final.

A Quorum consists of two or more individuals.

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