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Program Details Edit

The guild uses a designated broker named "Retributions" to sell items on the World Market. Items placed for sale by "Retributions" are sold via sales crates in the sales showroom located in the Manors of Erollisi building within the residential area of New Halas (Frostfang Sea). Members may obtain "friend" status so they can use the Personal Housing Portal located in the Magic Carpet area of the Guild Hall by notifying any Guild Officer.

You may also conveniently access these items by doing an "Advanced Search" on any World Market Broker NPC, entering "Retributions" in the Store Owner section and clicking "Search"

Members may obtain items from these crates of any quantity. The money generated from this revenue is used to fund Guild Amenities, Services/Benefits, Guild Events and Contests for guild members.

Members are strongly encouraged to help support the guild by seeking out items posted by the guild and purchasing them prior to buying from outside sources.

The guild makes every effort to offer these items at the lowest price on the market when first listed. We check the market daily to adjust our asking prices however you may find other items being offered for a lower rate because they were placed on the broker after our items were put up for sale. If this is the case, just notify any guiild officer so we can adjust the price prior to you purchasing the item.

How To Obtain Refund Edit

The Guild Broker Sales Logs are reviewed daily in search of guild member sales. When we see that a guild member has purchased an item or items we automatically process your refund based on your current rank. Once this refund has processed we mail you the refund via your in-game mailbox. You should receive these funds within 30 minutes of processing. We make every effort to process sales by 9pm CST.

Members will receive a discount or refund of money used to purchase items from the Guild Broker Sales Crates in the following amounts:

Broker Fees Edit

All members - Receive 100% refund of broker fees.

Rank Discounts Edit

Newcomer - 0% discount on sales price
Associate - 0% discount on sales price
Member Rank - 10% discount on sales price (less broker fee)
Knight Rank - 20% discount on sales price (less broker fee)
Advisor Rank - 20% discount on sales price (less broker fee)
Guardian Rank - 50% discount on sales price (less broker fee)

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