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Guide:Leaper and Glider Mounts Edit

This guide will aide the adventurers in our guild in obtaining the new Leapers and Gliders.

Two new types of mounts have been introduced to the game: Leapers and Gliders. Leapers can spring high into the air, allowing players to cover a respectable distance between each jump. Gliders can also leap to a lesser extent, but their wings will catch the wind and sail, tip and climb at your command.

Adventurers and Crafters alike are offered quests to obtain these new mounts. The Leaper quests are available starting at level 30 in Butcherblock Mountains and the Glider quests at level 60 in Tenebrous Tangle. Help protect and salvage these strange creatures and earn their trust!

To aide your journey we have two new quest guides: Leaper Mounts and Glider Mounts! We'll bring you more information after it's release, including a new video showing off the two new mount types in action.

Zone = Butcherblock Mountains
Start Level = 30+
End Leve l= None
prev = Butcherblock
next = Glider Mount (EQ2 Quest Series)

Leapers are a type of mount whose powerful jumping abilities will help you cover vast amounts of distance with each vault. They can jump up and forward in tremendous bounds before falling, moving at speeds similar to flying mounts. You can control how high you jump, and you can steer while jumping using the movement keys. You don't take falling damage when landing.

They are available to players beginning at level 30.

Speak to eq2 mob:Saldas Rubbleground at 327, 194, 554{{#Copybutton:eq2loc|327, 194, 554}} in eq2 zone:Butcherblock Mountains. His expedition has found some mysterious fossils in the cliffs, and he could use the help of some strong adventurers to help him in his research.

REWARD: eq2 item:Scaled Mountain Saliraptor (ec6132fe814c092089cb8e7166560b02)


Speak to eq2 mob:Ellerith Groundspark at 332, 194, 551{{#Copybutton:eq2loc|332, 194, 551}} in eq2 zone:Butcherblock Mountains. With the small team he has to work with, he will need the assistance of some experienced crafters to help him with what he needs done.
  1. eq2 quest:Dirt Digging (30)
    # eq2 quest:Dirty Work (30)
    # eq2 quest:Tools for their Trade (30)
    # eq2 quest:Further Research (30)
    # eq2 quest:Over Their Heads (30)

REWARD: eq2 item:Horned Mountain Saliraptor (cb0dc2ac2c28b7c1d2cbc1bba08479b7)

===Shopping List===
* 10 eq2 item:etched leather pelts
* 6 eq2 item:rough opalines
* 8 eq2 item:severed briarwoods
* 5 eq2 item:supple loams
* 5 eq2 item:tussah roots

* 15 eq2 item:glimmering filaments
* 3 eq2 item:glimmering incenses
* 5 eq2 item:glimmering sandpapers

==Using a Leaper==
You need to use the Suspend Safe Fall key to leap. For some people this may already be bound to the spacebar. If not it can be set in Options -> Controls -> Movement Keys. Press and hold the key it's bound to and you will leap really high!

==ZAM Video==


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