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Here's the short version for "How to reset EQ and get rid of most bugs easily".

1.. In-game on your main character, type " /save_UIsettings " (without the " " ) ... this creates an XML file with server and char name for every character you have created on that account (save backup outside the eq2 folder, and copy back when scanned)

ex." freeport_charname_eq2_UIsettings.XML"

2. Also in-game, go to options and save your preferred graphic settings (in-game ALT+O, save button on the bottom) this creates a file in the root game folder the same name as you just created

ex. "highsetup.opt"

3. In your EQ folder delete the following:

Cache (NOT ASSETcache, thats all graphics data - 12gb download to restore)
UI (delete this folder ONLY after you've saved your UI settings)

4. In the basic EQ2x game folder, delete these files:


5. On startup after deleting, in launch window, you'll notice the game server will reinstall a small patch approx 34mb. Wait until this download is complete. Once it's complete, DON'T PRESS PLAY, instead press "options" in upper left corner. In the "options" window run a scan, and download the deleted files. Also click "check streamed assets on startup", this syncs your PC with the servers info (good for locked XP bars, missing items and such)

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