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Welcome to Retributions Blade Website!

Easy If you're ready to join click the big "easy".

Please use the navigation drop down links located at the top of each page to navigate this website. To return to the homepage, click the blade at the top of any page.

The Retributions Blade Guild is a "content exploration" style guild in Everquest2x housed on the Freeport server. Our guild is made up of numerous players who together, use many different types of quality characters. Our ages range from 18 to 65 years and every member has agreed to play with minimum to no profanity or negative characteristics (we're all human so sometimes someone may slip but we try very hard to maintain these self-imposed standards). We choose to be helpful and positive in our dealings with each other and outside players. We play the game for enjoyment not powerleveling and recognize that our members have outside lives and committments and that the game does not "rule our lives". We ARE very interested in exploring all game content and storylines so often you'll find our members in dusty ole corners of Norrath turning over rocks in search of completing an interesting long storyline or quest.

We are using a wiki style format/platform for our website to allow greater interaction by guild members. This wiki format gives members the opportunity to make real-time changes and updates to the guild website.

We've established this site to provide guests and members additional access to the guild. There are sections that give more information on who we are, lists of guild members, and sections that contain guides and gaming tips. Since this site is new it certainly has information that's missing, however, it is rapidly expanding. Guild members are encouraged to add information and new pages/sections. Corrections to information that have already been posted on pages must be verified by two other guild members via in-game mechanics, screenshots or other valid internet sources prior to being changed on the established page. Verifications must be posted to the talk/discussion page prior to any changes taking place. This way we'll make sure that the best accurate information gets presented.

Guests are invited and strongly encouraged to explore our website and visit with guild members in game. We hope you will think about your needs, and what you want from a guild, what a guild can provide, and will then consider joining our fine guild if we match your desires and expectations of your "desirable" guild. Thank you for visiting. Please come back again soon!

Councellor, spokesman for Retributions Blade


If after reading about us, you find yourself wanting to join us,

For registration or website difficulties, contact me:  Councellor  Talk  Contribs  Retributions Blade  22:45,3/24/2011 

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