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Let's get some groups together and crank out those HQ's! Of course you can do these any day, but Saturday seems to be a common day off for most.

We will schedule an HQ for each week, however if you have a need to complete a different HQ, then just let us know by posting on the HQ thread in our forums. Unless we receive a request to do a different HQ, then plan of working on the one posted here. A walk-through quest guide will be linked for each HQ. If an HQ isn't completed on that day, it may be carried over to the following week.

Because completion times vary so widely based on number and levels of members completing the quest, as well as spawn rates etc, we've decided not to concentrate on how long the quest should take, but on the total number of steps involved. HQ Group Events are allotted a 2 hour window, with a check made at the 2 hour mark to determine if continuing on past 2 hours is possible. If you show up at start time, plan of being available for the full 2 hours baring a national emergency or life threatening issue. If you can't commit to the 2 hours, then PLEASE pass this event up until you have the full time available.

The first number shown in the Level section represents the earliest level you may receive the quest. The second number shown is the rated quest level (or quest difficulty level). If only one number is shown, then it represents the quest difficulty level. (if you have info regarding the earliest level to receive a quest, please post it here or on the talk page)

Here's the HQ's scheduled:

Consolidated Heritage Quest List

August 13 The Return of the Light Guide 20 19
August 20 In Honor and Service Guide 14-19 16
August 27 In Honor and Service Guide 14-19 16
September 3 These Boots Were Made For... Guide 25 7

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