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WHEN: June 9th!
TIME: 8:00am EST
WHO: All Guild Members
~ Assembly ~
Location: Retributions Blade Guild Hall
Assemble Time: 8:00am EST
Departure: 8:15am EST
Conclusion: 8:00pm EST
Zone: Norrath
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Hear Yee ~ Hear Yee !
Come join us for our second "member's only" harvesting contest. No minimal level or skill is required for this event. Contestants will need to be quick on their feet and adept at harvesting to be successful in this contest. Contestants should start assembling 15 minutes prior to event start time inside the Retributions Blade Guild Hall to receive last minute instructions and guidelines. Late entries are allowed however this will place you at a substantial disadvantage so grab your gear, come early and come prepared to win! Up for grabs? Some nifty household items, gold and a chance to become the guild HARVEST MASTER!

1. Contestants will compete against their peers in a gathering of resources contest for the chance to win the ultimate choice of game items. At the end of this contest, prizes will be awarded to the contestant who turns in the largest number or next largest number of resources in their tier bracket. A lot of prizes are just waiting to be awarded plus door prizes given for all who attend. To see which bracket you qualify to harvest CLICK HERE.

2. Resources collected for this contest will be donated to the guild and placed in the Guild Harvest Depot for Guild Member use.

3. Door prizes will be given out for attending. All other prizes will be mailed to the winning contestants within 24 hours of event conclusion.

4. See rules for details.

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