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Contest Prizes (pictures)
Event Portal  NameDescription (see note)
Photo Needed Harvesting Contest Gather your best harvest gear, ramp up those skills and come help fill the resource box for a chance at some great prizes!
Photo Needed Crafting Contest Grab a Rush Order, successfully navigate through complication after complication and race against fellow guild mates. It's a rush of adrenaline all the way! Be the first to complete 5 Rush Orders with the least amount of complications and win!
Photo Needed UI Layout Photo Contest Grab a Screen Shot of your favorite layout setup, have your fellow guild mates vote yours as the most popular to win big!
Photo Needed Fun Run Create a level 1 character and race from one city to another. The least amount of deaths and fastest time wins!
Photo Needed Scavenger Hunt Gather your wits, descramble cryptic rhyme clues in this all day event spanning all of Norrath!
Photo Needed Lotter-Roll Got six favorite numbers that always seems lucky? Send them to the host for your chance to win!
Photo Needed Archer Race Tourneyment Take to the sky and with lightning speed, be the fastest to complete this course and you could win big!
Photo Needed Congratulations Contest Anyone can make a macro, but are you worthy of designated praise? Gather the most named congrats to win.
Treasure chest Hide and Seek Got a sharp eye? Hunt through the pages of the guild website seeking the designated item. Be the first to spot it and win big! (NOTICE: This image is NOT the one to win you the gold)
Photo Needed Great Norrathian Road Race Gather your partner, compete in challenges! Watch out for detours and road blocks as one team after another is eliminated. Stay alive and you'll take home one fantastic prize!

NOTE: Contests may be hosted by any guild member. To volunteer contact Councellor.

If you would like to be the Chairperson for Guild Contests send an email to the admin team

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