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Upcoming Events
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Upcoming Eventsare series of activities introduced to celebrate a season, or just to throw a little fun into the game. These events are only given out by members of the Guild or employees of SOE. Some are held only once a year while others may occur more frequently.

Event Portal  NameDescription (see note)
Calendar Calendar of Events Shows events on a daily basis
City Jester Live Events These are SOE sponsored events
Player Event Scene Player Run Events These events are run by the Player's Guide
Instance Entrance Instances These areas offer members unique loot opportunities
Dungeon Map Dungeons Most members find grouping works best in these areas
Map of Norrath Zones These are events that are unique to a specific zone only
Pick and Shovel Harvesting Events Guild sponsored efforts to replenish the harvest depot
Raid Encounter Image Raiding Events Events requiring more than 6 players for specific boss/mob/quest challenges
Ranger Image Guild Sponsored Contests Unique fun filled challenges for great prizes!
Birthday Cake Member's Birthdays Our way to celebrate each member's special day

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